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March 2017: Indoor Spatial Awareness - Part 1 (Volume 9, Number 1)

by Ibrahim Sabek last modified 2017-09-23 14:18

This is the March 2017 Issue (Volume 9, Number 1). The full pdf version can be obtained from here. Please, join SIGSPATIAL NOW !!

Issue Contents


Message from the Editor
Chi-Yin Chow

Section 1: Special Issue on Indoor Spatial Awareness (Part 1)
Introduction to this Special Issue: Indoor Spatial Awareness (Part 1)
Chi-Yin Chow

Probabilistic Cleaning over Trajectory Events of Mobile RFID Objects
Guoqiong Liao, Philip S. Yu, Qianhui Zhong, Sihong Xie, Changxuan Wan, and Dexi Liu

Cleansing Indoor RFID Tracking Data
Asif Iqbal Baba, Hua Lu, Torben Bach Pedersen, and Manfred Jaeger

Indoor Localization and Navigation Independent of Sensor Based Technologies
Stephan Winter, Martin Tomko, Maria Vasardani, Kai-Florian Richter, and Kourosh Khoshelham

Deviation Maps for Robust and Informed Indoor Positioning Services
Henrik Blunck, Thor S. Prentow, Sylvie Temme, Andreas Thom, and Jan Vahrenhold

(Meta-)Data Modelling: Gathering Spatio-Temporal Data for Indoor-Outdoor Queries
Florence S├Ędes and Franck Jeveme Panta

Section 2: Event Reports
ACM ACM SIGSPATIAL 2016 Conference Report
Matthias Renz, Siva Ravada, and Goce Trajcevski

ACM SIGSPATIAL ISA 2016 Workshop Report
Muhammad Aamir Cheema and Mohammed Eunus Ali

ACM SIGSPATIAL MELT 2016 Workshop Report
Sarana Nutanong, John Krumm, and Egemen Tanin


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