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July 2017: Indoor Spatial Awareness - Part 2 (Volume 9, Number 2)

by Ibrahim Sabek last modified 2017-09-23 14:43

This is the July 2017 Issue (Volume 9, Number 2). The full pdf version can be obtained from here. Please, join SIGSPATIAL NOW !!

Issue Contents


Message from the Editor
Chi-Yin Chow

Section 1: Special Issue on Indoor Spatial Awareness (Part 2)
Introduction to this Special Issue: Indoor Spatial Awareness (Part 2)
Chi-Yin Chow

The Anatomy of the Anyplace Indoor Navigation Service
Demetrios Zeinalipour-Yazti and Christos Laoudias

Risk Detection and Prediction from Indoor Tracking Data
Tanvir Ahmed, Toon Calders, Hua Lu, and Torben Bach Pedersen

Toward Mining User Movement Behaviors in Indoor Environments
Shan-Yun Teng, Wei-Shinn Ku, and Kun-Ta Chuang

Using Integrity Constraints to Guide the Interpretation of RFID-Trajectory Data
Bettina Fazzinga, Sergio Flesca, Filippo Furfaro, and Francesco Parisi

Towards Ubiquitous Indoor Spatial Awareness on a Worldwide Scale
Moustafa Elhamshary and Moustafa Youssef

Section 2: Event Reports
10th ACM SIGSPATIAL GIR Workshop Report
Christopher B. Jones and Ross S. Purves


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