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by Justin Levandoski last modified 2018-01-18 22:58

The SIGSPATIAL Special is the newsletter of the ACM SIGSPATIAL. The newsletter serves the community by publishing short contributions such as SIGSPATIAL conferences' highlights, calls and announcements for conferences and journals that are of interest to the community, as well as short technical notes on current topics. The newsletter has three issues every year, i.e., March, July, and November. For more detailed information regarding the newsletter or suggestions please contact the editor via email at


November 2017 (Volume 9, Number 3): ACM SIGSPATIAL 2017 Students Research Competition [Issue PDF]

July 2017 (Volume 9, Number 2): Indoor Spatial Awareness - Part 2 [Issue PDF]

March 2017 (Volume 9, Number 1): Indoor Spatial Awareness - Part 1 [Issue PDF]

November 2016 (Volume 8, Number 3): ACM SIGSPATIAL 2016 Students Research Competition [Issue PDF]

July 2016 (Volume 8, Number 2): Spatio-Temporal Uncertainty [Issue PDF]

March 2016 (Volume 8, Number 1): GIS in Public Health Research [Issue PDF]

November 2015 (Volume 7, Number 3): Mobile Data Analytics [Issue PDF]

July 2015 (Volume 7, Number 2): Geosensor Networks [Issue PDF]

Volume 7, Number 1, March 2015

Volume 6, Number 3, November 2014

Volume 6, Number 2, July 2014

Volume 6, Number 1, March 2014

Volume 5, Number 3, November 2013

Volume 5, Number 1, March 2013

Volume 4, Number 3, November 2012

Volume 4, Number 2, July 2012

Volume 4, Number 1, March 2012

Volume 3, Number 3, November 2011

Volume 3, Number 2, July 2011

Volume 3, Number 1, March 2011

Volume 2, Number 3, November 2010

Volume 2, Number 2, July 2010

Volume 2, Number 1, March 2010

Volume 1, Number 3, November 2009

Volume 1, Number 2, July 2009

Volume 1, Number 1, March 2009

Paper formatting and submission instructions

Please follow the formatting instructions below:

  • Authors should use the special.sty latex document style provided by the SIGSPATIAL Special Newsletter.
  • Please download the latex template here which includes the special.sty latex document style file, a sample latex file (sample.tex), and a sample bib file (sigproc.bib).
  • All papers should start with
    and include at least the following packages
    Authors can include additional packages if necessary.
  • All papers should have title, author information and abstract:
    \author{...} %Authors' names and affiliations
  • Authors should use "abbrv" as the bibliography and citation style:

Please follow the submission guidelines below:

  • Please submit your report in PDF format
  • Do not include page numbers
  • Please check that all pages are in 8.5 x 11 inch US-Letter paper size, NOT in A4.
  • Use Adobe Type 1 fonts. Avoid Type 3 fonts
  • All fonts and images must be embedded within the submitted file.
  • Do not down-sample images.
  • PDF files must be Acrobat 4.0 (PDF 1.3) compatible, have a 600 DPI resolution, optimized for fast web viewing

Should you have any question about paper format and submission, please do not hesitate to contact our Newsletter Editor Andreas Zufle through email at

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